A New Time Of Life

Hey! It’s been a little bit.

I hope you’re doing absolutely fantastic. This last year has been about the most exciting year I could have had, I was pinned for a lead and was producing a huge Sci-Fi as well as getting into development at Fox. It’s all been a whirlwind. On top of that, I made some of the most amazing relationships with some of the best people I could think of.

First off, I can’t thank everyone at Fox enough for their continual love and kindness, day in and day out. Aurora, Mark, Samer, Mildred, Luis, Craig, Niki, Jackie Brown, Moira Griffin. The list would go on forever and you know who you are. To have a happy, positive culture where everyone is doing something they love is rare and Fox achieves that. I also would like to thank Greg, James, Justin and Michael for keeping Fox safe. People like them are the reason good things can continue to exist. :)

The culture of Fox is something that should never change. I remember my first interview, Sitting quiet, nervous and a little intimidated. Now after my time there I know who I am and what I want to do and how to create every second. Although I wasn’t a lifer in the studio, I am a lifer when it comes to gratefulness and my continual thankfulness. I am excited to bring the best projects to the people who have given me so much life.

Visiting home I realized how important family is; On a more personal and positive note, I finally visited my fathers grave. He passed when I was 18, I was angry and lost and fell into a lot of things that distracted me from who I am, A helper, actor, advocate and creative. I got to weep and be angry and sad and feel things I’ve stopped myself from feeling for a long time. If my trip home was for anything, it was for that moment. I’m listening to The Gladiator Soundtrack as I write this and it makes this moment a lot more epic haha. ;)


Currently, I am in Redondo preparing for Annie and A Midsummer Nights Dream with Encore Southbay. I also had two very exciting Auditions in New Mexico for two of my absolute favorite creators, Peter Gould and Mrs. Jolie. Either way I am happy as any of these are absolutely exciting to be apart of.

Please feel free to contact me if any of you need anything, Need someone to help you move, to give you some encouragement or to walk your dog, I like dogs. I’ll do my best to bring some light and help. :)


LDM. :)

Mr. Sushi

Pasadena Film Festival